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Automating cell-based assays, at the nanoliter scale

Patented Microfluidic Technology

One immune cell, multiple assays

Analyze cell function within co-cultures at scale

Whether you are working with one sample or 100, create tens of thousands of miniature co-cultures and characterize single immune cells through multiple assays run in parallel:

  • cytotoxicity
  • serial killing
  • cytokines
  • antigen expression and immunophenotypes

The Co-Culture Array (CC-Array) technology lets you observe thousands of individual immune cells interacting within biologically-relevant multi-cellular contexts.

Microfluidic Automation

Rapid liquid exchange

Implement an endless number of assays on the same cells

The patented open microwell technology enables replacement of media in microchannels and in each 0.5nL microwell without displacing previously loaded cells

  • Resuspend your cells in new media in a matter of seconds
  • Sequentially wash or stain your cells at the start, during, or end of the analysis
  • Automate cell delivery, co-culture creation, and stimulation with drugs or reagents

Run any workflow you can imagine, with automation at the nanoliter scale

New workflows generated by combining cell processing and analytical steps

Multiple workflows are provided with configurable parameters to adapt to specific experimental needs, enabling multiplexing of different immune cells or target tumor cells within a single run. Customized workflows can also be designed upon request.

Delivery of cell type of interest

Cell staining with fluorescent markers

Co-culturing with additional cell type

Imaging and incubation

AI-based detection of wells with defined patterns